About Bend Yoga

In December 2013 at 25 years old, I made the life-changing decision to admit that I was an alcoholic and that it was time to get sober. I didn’t realize how bored and discontent I was my life, I actually thought that alcohol was making my life more interesting, fulfilling, and fun. However, I was blind to the disappointment and pain I was causing my friends and family. I didn’t realize how much I was not living up to my own potential and that there was so much more I could be doing with my life.

December 16, 2013 is my sobriety date and my life has changed infinitely for the better, and yoga played a huge part in my transformation. At first I used my yoga classes as a way to get out of the house, to keep me busy and physical. However my practice soon shifted from just a physical aspect and into a moving meditation that helped me connect me to my Higher Power. The connection I felt to my HP through my moving meditation helped release me from the turmoil going on inside my brain as I came to terms with my alcoholism. I began to create focus and learn what it meant to be in the present moment. Yoga taught me how to breathe and relax, and how to dis-attach from the constant chatter (monkey mind) going on in my mind.

As I progressed in my initial recovery, I advanced in my yoga practice as well. The week that I started my alcoholism support meetings was when I decided to take my first class. As I celebrated 90 days of sobriety, I achieved Crow pose. As I reached 5 months, I accomplished my head stand. December, 2015 I celebrated 2 years sober. I also started my 200-hour yoga teacher training so that I could earn my certification and use yoga to help other people recognize their best life like I had.

To this day, I move and meditate through my yoga practice every morning. For me, mediation and yoga go hand in hand because during both, I am present and my mind is clear.

Together, sobriety and yoga taught me who I really am and essentially saved my life. Now, my life is a beautiful journey and I’m blessed to be able to embrace it the way I do. As a way to thank my Higher Power for the life that I now live, and as a way to give back, it is my gift and responsibility to help people recognize their highest potential and live a life they are proud of.

Today, I am One with my Higher Power and I am at peace with myself. Cheers to the good life, Namaste.