New Year Resolutions Are Bullshit

New Year, new you! I don’t like that at all. While I’m sure that phrase was invented with the best intentions, it’s now overused and cliché. I love self-improvement just as much as the next girl. I know there are areas of my life that could use some work and I am happier when I’m actively trying to be a more productive and efficient human. However you don’t need January 1, or tomorrow, or next Monday, to start something new. You’ve already identified a habit that no longer serves you, or you’ve recognized something about yourself that you want to modify, so make the change right now. Maybe you want to read more books, go to bed earlier, or let go of grudges quicker. Whatever it is, take the opportunity to reinvent yourself right then. Because, why wait?

You know how it works, it’s so easy to delay your tasks, delay your changes. Thinking that by putting them off they will somehow resolve themselves. The reality is, you have to look at the clock through a different perspective. Growth and self-awareness isn’t dependent on time (in a half hour, Monday, January 1, etc.) but on your actions and choices. Now matters. We are in the age of instant gratification and the sooner you start your “self-improvement project”, the better you’ll feel. The biggest reason people fail is because they are blind to the importance of “being here now”. You must create the urgency to act in the present.

When you truly are living in the moment and not lamenting over the past or setting expectations for the future, then you can truly be your best and most authentic self. Enjoy life fully as immediately is, take advantage of what you have right NOW and learn to appreciate it all and make the best of it. If there is something you want to do, don’t put it off. That will only delay your momentum and you’ll be less likely to even begin in the first place. This moment is all we truly have and when you become one with it, you can reach your greatest potential yet.

This year, today, right now, I encourage you to live a life that you’re proud of. Have the courage to live fully with focus and purpose. Have the confidence to to cope with challenges in the present moment. There is a lot of good life left in you, go on and live it!

Keep Bending,


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