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About Bend Yoga

In December 2013 at 25 years old, I made the life-changing decision to admit that I was an alcoholic and that it was time to get sober. I didn’t realize how bored and discontent I was my life, I actually thought that alcohol was making my life more interesting, fulfilling, and fun. However, I was blind to the disappointment and pain I was causing my friends and family. I didn’t realize how much I was not living up to my own potential and that there was so much more I could be doing with my life.

December 16, 2013 is my sobriety date and my life has changed infinitely for the better, and yoga played a huge part in my transformation. At first I used my yoga classes as a way to get out of the house, to keep me busy and physical. However my practice soon shifted from just a physical aspect and into a moving meditation that helped me connect me to my Higher Power. The connection I felt to my HP through my moving meditation helped release me from the turmoil going on inside my brain as I came to terms with my alcoholism. I began to create focus and learn what it meant to be in the present moment. Yoga taught me how to breathe and relax, and how to dis-attach from the constant chatter (monkey mind) going on in my mind.

As I progressed in my initial recovery, I advanced in my yoga practice as well. The week that I started my alcoholism support meetings was when I decided to take my first class. As I celebrated 90 days of sobriety, I achieved Crow pose. As I reached 5 months, I accomplished my head stand. December, 2015 I celebrated 2 years sober. I also started my 200-hour yoga teacher training so that I could earn my certification and use yoga to help other people recognize their best life like I had.

To this day, I move and meditate through my yoga practice every morning. For me, mediation and yoga go hand in hand because during both, I am present and my mind is clear.

Together, sobriety and yoga taught me who I really am and essentially saved my life. Now, my life is a beautiful journey and I’m blessed to be able to embrace it the way I do. As a way to thank my Higher Power for the life that I now live, and as a way to give back, it is my gift and responsibility to help people recognize their highest potential and live a life they are proud of.

Today, I am One with my Higher Power and I am at peace with myself. Cheers to the good life, Namaste.



Good Morning Monday Yoga

Get your week started right with this vinyasa flow practice, linking breath and movement. Sun Salutations are incorporated to build heat with a mindful attention to alignment. All levels are welcome, but knowledge of sun salutations is recommended.

6:20am at Fizio, 400 Mill St. (45 minutes)

Happy Tuesday Vibes

Wake up to this traditional yoga class guaranteed to help you feel awake and ready for the day! Come enjoy the sensation of starting the day off with a sense of peace, calmness, energy and revitalization.

6:30am at Base Camp at the Whitney Peak Hotel (60 minutes)

Wednesday Rhythmic Flow

This flow is centered around natural, feel-good movement with focus on alignment and breath. By moving mindfully and creating space in the body, we will find release and relaxation. All-levels class.

6:30am at Base Camp at the Whitney Peak Hotel (60 minutes)

Good Morning Thursday Yoga

This is an energetic practice that flows from pose to pose with the breath designed to wake up the body and energize it for the day. Modifications are made available and all levels are encouraged to attend.

6:30am at Base Camp at the Whitney Peak Hotel (60 minutes)

Fizio Friday

This recovery class is designed for athletes looking to stretch, restore, and relax their muscles to help improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. This all-levels Vinyasa-style class links poses with breath and is designed to increase flexibility, balance, focus, and strength.

6:20am at Fizio, 400 Mill St. (45 minutes)

I also offer private classes and corporate yoga.

Please contact me for pricing.

Bend With Friends

All in the comfort of your own home, this party is one part yoga, one part pals, and a whole bunch of fun and love. Bend with Friends! is all about practicing something fun and different and sharing it with your squad. You know you love yoga, and you definitely love your crew, let’s schedule a time to Bend with Friends!

Perfect for:

Couples Date Night

Bachelorette Parties

Birthday Parties

Sorority Sisterhoods

Bonding with Co Workers



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